Ritten's Ward

April 24

Meeting the Kobolds

As we approached the domesticated parts of the Kobolds region, the first thing we saw was a giant hole in the ground. It was a pit trap that contained four dead Fair Ones. As we progressed further, we came into a room were Kobolds were cleaning up after a fight: putting the scythe back in the crack in the wall, carrying off their fallen comrades, etc. A Kobold wearing a Kruthik helm (Taki) comes towards us, he relaxes slightly when Platch announces his presence and informs him that we are friends. Our story is told and Taki takes us to the Gricks’ quarters.

A cozy room, with humanoid furnishings had been set up for us. We are offered food that they think would be palatable to us (mushroom based) as well as an AMAZING blue colored wine-like beverage (which Glenbir takes to instantly). Our food and drink has been provided by the Bats, who knew they could be so hospitable? While resting and waiting, Noktu, an elderly Kobold, comes to hear our story for himself. He is gracious, and quite thrilled to meet people of our various races, of which he seems to know a lot about. He would present the information to Bheithir, there is a slim chance of us having an audience with her. He told us that the Kobolds have been there for centuries, and Bheithir was here before that. As he leaves, he tells us to stay within the Grick quarters.

We explore the area. There are many magically oriented shops and religious establishments. It is “night time,” so everything is closed or closing. We head back the next “day” when all is bustling. No items peak our interest. After returning to our accommodations, Noktu informs us that Bheithir would like to speak with us.


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