Ritten's Ward

February 7

Tor Lyste Special Projects

The session picked up immediately following a skirmish with the Norkers in their lower level barracks. We then discovered a Tiefling dissecting a Fair One in a surgical theatre, something she seemed to have done quite a bit of, as evidenced by the anatomical diagrams they had found in her chamber earlier, as well as the dozen or so Fair Ones hanging from meat hooks in the theatre.

After causing her to cease and desist (I dealt the killing blow), we barricaded ourselves in the room to rest. Our rest was interrupted by some Norker scouts, which we promptly relieved of their duty.

We returned to the central level to further explore the unopened territories. Within one of the rooms we found a stripped workshop. However, it was not stripped of a well-crafted dwarven safe which Thalon, Sarthan and I managed to open. We found a roll of blastpatch, a thunderstone, and plans for mechanical winged device to aid a dwarf such as myself in flying. Also in that room were two strips of finely crafted tiles displaying the portraits of all the great dwarven kings. However, we noticed there were some intentionally loose tiles that were intentionally out of order. On them were Ellok, Errok, Chindrin, Torin, Rimlin, and Sorin. This clever puzzle revealed the answer of the order of the tiles to spell out ‘secret.’

In this secret room were three marvellous, majestic mounts, which I identified as hippogriffs. They appeared to be the mounts of our four foes. There seemed to be one missing, which we later came to believe belonged to the halfling. Unfortunately these rare beasts were unable to be tamed. There were three saddlebags which were packed to be used at a moment’s notice. In them we found a grasping halberd and small leather armor of force resistance, as well as a sizable quantity of gold.

After leaving the room we proceeded to the upper level. Thalon proceeded forward, and found two hallways that were both blockaded and guarded by humans, kobolds, and an elf. They seemed to be waiting for us. We decided to divide and conquer the two hallways, which ended up connecting. In the battle, we came across “the human,” who seemed to be a cruel and unrelenting master. But we defeated them nonetheless, sparing a kobold who threw down his arms and begged for mercy, which I graciously offered.


I am actually not convinced that the halfling is gone. As I tried to point out during the session, I’m pretty sure I’m WEARING HIS ARMOR. Which means that we must assume he’s around, as he would not likely take off on someone else’s hippogriff and leave his saddlebag with his armor.

It is possible that he is gone, but I don’t think we can operate safely on the assumption that he definitely is.

February 7
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