A religious mystic in service of the mysterious dragon archfey Togashi.


STR 10 CON 12 DEX 13 INT 16 WIS 11 CHA 18

AC – 16 FORT – 12 REF – 15 WILL – 16

HP- 34

Speed – 5

Init – 2


Acrobatics 4 Arcana 11 Athletics 3 Bluff 7 Diplomacy 7 Dungeoneering 3 Endurance 4 Heal 3 History 6 Insight 6 Intimidate 10 Nature 3 Perception 3 Religion 9 Stealth 9 Streetwise 7 Theivery 4


Gigglesnatch Ibinraven Molusculous Red Junior, a Gnome who travels under the name of Yokuni.

Gigglesnatch had always had a talent for magic but, being raised in a gnomish community with many tricksters and other gnomes who had been practicing at magic for the last two or three hundred years, he was easily overlooked. Young Gigglesnatch had no desire to spend hundreds of years studying to become noticed for his magical prowess so, instead of looking to the tricksters and wizards of his people, he decided to go searching for other viable sources of magic in the Feywild. As he wandered the realm of the Feywild, he happened seemingly by accident upon a Pagoda of enormous size, whereupon dwelled a dragon. He knew immediately that this dragon was some sort of powerful Archfey, but as he was trying to determine who the being could be, the dragon took an interest in him. Gigglesnatch knew he couldn’t have been expected, but the dragon seemed to have been waiting for him. Seeing it was useless to hide Gigglesnatch stepped out and stood before the huge creature. The dragon spoke.

“I am Togashi. You have sought me out.”

Gigglesnatch wanted to disagree, but as went to speak he found himself agreeing. “It is you I have sought and found.”

“You will be my servent henceforth”, declared Togashi. “I send you to another realm as my emissary, Yokuni.”

Gigglesnatch felt himself filled up, as if another will, full of power, were entering into his spirit. He awoke in this realm, still himself but now changed. He only recalled the last 25 years he had been alive as a distant memory.

Now identifying himself only as Yokuni, he has set out filled with the power of Togashi, an archey of the Feywild. After his experience of mystical union with the spirit of Togashi, his skin has become covered in a mural of mystical tattoos of a dragon flying through a world of natural beauty. A sign of his connection to Togashi, his dragon tattoo swims across his flesh whenever he uses the magic granted him. His personality, once frivolous and distracted is now serious and full of mystery. His former life and gnomish character is but a portion of his self, filtered through the influence of his experience of union with Togashi.


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