The beast-friendly stabbity stab ranger


STR 14 CON 15 DEX 16 INT 11 WIS 12 CHA 10

AC-17 FORT-15 REF-16 WILL-13

HP 37



SKILLS— Acrobatics-9, Arcana-1, Athletics-8, Bluff-1, Diplomacy-1, Dungeoneering-7, Endurance-8, Heal-7, History-1, Insight-2, Intimidate-1, Nature-2, Perception-7, Religion-1, Stealth-4, Streetwise-4, Thievery-4

Amicus – A.K.A. The Wolf

STR-14 CON-14 DEX-14 INT-6 WIS-14 CHA-6

AC-17 FORT-15 REF-15 WILL-16




The victim of a trade caravan raid, Sarthan barely escaped the devastation. Hiding under the wagons through a hidden door his father had cut into the hole of the floor, he had cowered in the shadows as he listened to his friends and family being cut down above him. As soon as the moment presented itself, he darted for the woods, thinking he would be safe until the raid was over. In his mad dash to safety, the boy tripped over a log and knocked himself unconscious. When he woke a few hours later and made his way back, he found nothing left but burned cabin spokes and scraps of clothing. At the age of 11, he had lost everything. Fearing to return home, knowing that it was men who had attacked, he began to wander the wilderness. Slowly but surely, he began to realize he felt more at home surrounded by the trees and animals than he had ever felt in the cities. He began to hunt, remembering the lessons his father had taught him as a small boy, tracking deer and rabbits to keep himself fed. The day that truly changed him was when he came across a young bear, trapped in a hunters iron trap. As he slowly approached the trapped animal, he saw in that simple event, the evil he believed was in every man. He grew to hate the people he had come from. The very humans who had taken his life from him. The very people he had left behind two years before.

He began to hunt in a different way. Poachers, hunters of game, evil men…they became his prey. Using the skill he had learned, he began to track. For a full year, he hunted the men who hunted in his woods. Until the fateful day he met his companion. He had tracked the group of poachers for a full season, never seeming to be able to catch them. When he was finally able to catch them, they had camped for the night. 5 men, more than he had ever faced at one time, rested around a fire. He saw the signs that these were the men he tracked. The hooks and clamps, the run traps and steel-toothed bear traps, all marked with the inverted RG that was used to identify who they belonged to. The stack of pelts where what his eyes focused on though. Dozens of them, bear and rabbit, wolf and squirrel, all half-hazardly stacked on the edges of the firelight. Those were what had his blood boiling. He had seen the waste. The pelts removed, with everything else of the animal thrown aside as refuse. That was the reason these men had become his target. He had no qualms against hunters who tracked and hunted animals for food or furs to stay warm. It was men like these he hated. One’s who wasted the lives of these noble animals.

As one of the men rose to walk out of the light to relieve himself, Sarthan snapped back to the moment, stopping his thoughts cold. He needed a plan, a way to teach these men the error of their ways. A way to make them pay for the crime they had committed. He realized he had to strike quickly and silently, for matched against all 5 at once would surely spell doom with only his belt knife and bow. With all the stealth he could muster, he slipped around after the one in the dark. Fortunately for him, the man had no thoughts of stalkers slinking after him in the dark, for Sarthan’s nerves had him itching with anxiety. As he snuck up on the unsuspecting man, Sarthan realized he would not find a better opportunity. He quickly unslung his bow, and with the help of the light from the fire, set two arrows deep into the man’s chest before he could even yell out in surprise. With one down, there were still 4 in the camp though. And if he was not quick, they would begin to wonder where their 5th companion had vanished to.

Quickly moving around the camp to give himself a better position, he realized time was running short. He had to strike soon, or the others would begin to become alert. So, saying a quick prayer to Melora, his beloved goddess, he set his feet and leveled his bow. He knew he would only have one or two quick shots before everything broke into chaos…and he would have to make them count. One of the men stood, presenting a perfect target for Sarthan’s waiting bow. Two arrows quickly plunged deep into the man’s chest. The other’s, seeing their friend suddenly looking like a pin-cushion, jumped to their feet and drew weapons to face this unexpected threat. As they rose, Sarthan fired off two more shots, scoring a hit on one of the men, but missing the second. His surprise was spoiled. The hunters knew where he was shooting from, and charged. The two who were not wounded reached Sarthan as he fired his last shot, killing his already wounded adversary. As he dove to the side, drawing his knife in an attempt to fight off the attackers, his surprise was almost equal to the hunters when a she-wolf suddenly bowled into the two men. Not one to let the moment of surprise, or the unexpected help, fall without use, Sarthan charged into the fray. Between the skill of Sarthan’s blade, and the wolf’s fury, the last two were finished quickly.

Sarthan, looking upon the wolf, noticed the markings of the pack that these hunters had killed almost a week past. He suddenly realized that this she-wolf was the last of her pack, and had been hunting these hunters just as he had. Looking into the eyes of the wolf, he realized there was a deep sadness and understanding in the golden eyes. Sheathing his blade, he slowly approached, knowing how dangerous such a venture was. This would could easily tear his throat out with those powerful jaws. Speaking softly, he came to rest his hand upon the neck of the wolf, and realized she was hurt. Softly touching the wound, he slowly took a salve from his pack and lightly spread it over the cut. The wolf stood placidly through it all, watching him intently. As he stepped away slowly, knowing the wound would heal within days, the wolf paced him. Walking beside him, the wolf pressed her sides against his thigh. Sarthan suddenly realized he was no longer alone in the world. That this she-wolf, who had lost so much, needed him as much as he needed her.

For three years, they have hunted together. Until Sarthan began to feel the urging to return to civilized life. Believing that his companion, who he had named Amicus, meaning “befriended” in an ancient tongue, would leave him when he returned to civilization, he was sorely mistaken. The wolf joined him. Soon after discovering the city of Min Mara, he saw the Guard as a means to continue his life of protection, even if it was no longer for the wild.

Which leads to his being placed within the group who now delve into the depths beneath the city…


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