Ritten's Ward

April 24
Meeting the Kobolds

As we approached the domesticated parts of the Kobolds region, the first thing we saw was a giant hole in the ground. It was a pit trap that contained four dead Fair Ones. As we progressed further, we came into a room were Kobolds were cleaning up after a fight: putting the scythe back in the crack in the wall, carrying off their fallen comrades, etc. A Kobold wearing a Kruthik helm (Taki) comes towards us, he relaxes slightly when Platch announces his presence and informs him that we are friends. Our story is told and Taki takes us to the Gricks’ quarters.

A cozy room, with humanoid furnishings had been set up for us. We are offered food that they think would be palatable to us (mushroom based) as well as an AMAZING blue colored wine-like beverage (which Glenbir takes to instantly). Our food and drink has been provided by the Bats, who knew they could be so hospitable? While resting and waiting, Noktu, an elderly Kobold, comes to hear our story for himself. He is gracious, and quite thrilled to meet people of our various races, of which he seems to know a lot about. He would present the information to Bheithir, there is a slim chance of us having an audience with her. He told us that the Kobolds have been there for centuries, and Bheithir was here before that. As he leaves, he tells us to stay within the Grick quarters.

We explore the area. There are many magically oriented shops and religious establishments. It is “night time,” so everything is closed or closing. We head back the next “day” when all is bustling. No items peak our interest. After returning to our accommodations, Noktu informs us that Bheithir would like to speak with us.

March 21

Well…we finished the exploration of the fortress (if we want to call it that), examining the last of the rooms in the bottom hallways where we fought the undead dwarves and the grell. We found that the secret room that was hidden that Thalon had found turned out to be a records room of sorts. The room was lined on both sides by shelving that seemed to hold the chronicles of this particular clan of dwarves, although we can’t confirm that since the books are all written in a cipher. The one book that had anything we could read had a note written by Gorthis, the dwarf who seemed to have betrayed the others. We also found a body that was clutching the book this entry was in…which, unfortunately, my memory does not serve me for exactly what that entry was.

After finishing our exploration, we proceeded to meet back up with our Kobold friend and, after a short rest, headed out to the Hall of the Dragon. We had a small fight with a couple of rock-men (again, don’t remember what they were called). We also had a second fight right before we reached the hall, which was definitely our toughest to date. We came out successful after each, and called the session after the second fight…at the opening to the Hall of the Dragon…

Last words of Gorthis:

And leave off from this damned cypher. They have all abandoned me, every one of them, and they conspire with the worms in my brain against me. They say they cannot see the worms, so I know that they are in fact the worms we must simply delve deeper but they will not understand or will not help me there is a darkness more powerful than the darkness that assaults me and by that I will destroy them, but no it is all over now. They have betrayed me and sent the grafts to Tor Brannig to be destroyed and I am left alone and even the worms have left me so I am alone without god dwarf or other to do what must be done and I must do it myself and descend into the deepest darkness that lies beneath all the ugly lying surface of the world….

I am Gorthis, last warden of Tor Lyste. I have made these grand halls an accursed place, and make my tomb among the records of its ancient greatness in hopes that my ancestors will purge both me and the darkness I have brought to their legacy.

March 14


Yet another threat to our secrecy has arisen. A tribe of kobolds has found us at Tor Lyste and sent a delegation to seek assistance against the Fair Ones, whom they call “maggotfolk.” They may be useful in our mission, and have had no contact with the upper world, so I have not immediately silenced them. Please advise on this matter. In the meantime, I will keep them from sensitive areas.

Our work progresses well. Sunshine’s insights into their inner workings have greatly aided our experimentation, both in growing and controlling. We are now only fine-tuning the correct levels of cultural vitality to utilize without destroying them.

I can only hope it is in time to assist in our efforts to save us all from

February 7
Tor Lyste Special Projects

The session picked up immediately following a skirmish with the Norkers in their lower level barracks. We then discovered a Tiefling dissecting a Fair One in a surgical theatre, something she seemed to have done quite a bit of, as evidenced by the anatomical diagrams they had found in her chamber earlier, as well as the dozen or so Fair Ones hanging from meat hooks in the theatre.

After causing her to cease and desist (I dealt the killing blow), we barricaded ourselves in the room to rest. Our rest was interrupted by some Norker scouts, which we promptly relieved of their duty.

We returned to the central level to further explore the unopened territories. Within one of the rooms we found a stripped workshop. However, it was not stripped of a well-crafted dwarven safe which Thalon, Sarthan and I managed to open. We found a roll of blastpatch, a thunderstone, and plans for mechanical winged device to aid a dwarf such as myself in flying. Also in that room were two strips of finely crafted tiles displaying the portraits of all the great dwarven kings. However, we noticed there were some intentionally loose tiles that were intentionally out of order. On them were Ellok, Errok, Chindrin, Torin, Rimlin, and Sorin. This clever puzzle revealed the answer of the order of the tiles to spell out ‘secret.’

In this secret room were three marvellous, majestic mounts, which I identified as hippogriffs. They appeared to be the mounts of our four foes. There seemed to be one missing, which we later came to believe belonged to the halfling. Unfortunately these rare beasts were unable to be tamed. There were three saddlebags which were packed to be used at a moment’s notice. In them we found a grasping halberd and small leather armor of force resistance, as well as a sizable quantity of gold.

After leaving the room we proceeded to the upper level. Thalon proceeded forward, and found two hallways that were both blockaded and guarded by humans, kobolds, and an elf. They seemed to be waiting for us. We decided to divide and conquer the two hallways, which ended up connecting. In the battle, we came across “the human,” who seemed to be a cruel and unrelenting master. But we defeated them nonetheless, sparing a kobold who threw down his arms and begged for mercy, which I graciously offered.


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