Fair Ones

We first heard about the Fair Ones from the group of halflings that set off to find a land of their own. They’d been attacked by strange creatures near the old standing stones.

Facts we know about the Fair Ones:

  • They are spawned from the decayed remains of culture
  • The magical surge of energy created when the Eladrin woman came through from the Feywild kicked of the current surge of growth.
  • They are taking stone pillars from the Temple of Moradin at Tor Manach.
  • There are swarms of them all over Tor Branig.
  • The Tiefling had some anatomical diagrams that we haven’t been able to study yet.
  • The four from the Tiefling cult appear to have been studying them.

We have taken a body and an unborn pod back to Enhian in Min Mara for study.

Types of Fair Ones

  • Boneblades, which appear to have extracted bones from their forearms to use as swords.
  • Stonepouches, which have a skin pouch that secretes pellets that they fling from webbed hands. Some pellets have acidic properties, and some are sticky.
  • Hulks, which are big Fair Ones, stronger than the others.
  • Graspers, which are weaker but more numerous, who surround and grab at you.

Ideas about destroying the Fair Ones

  • Find an army
  • Blow them up without destroying the dwarven ruins.
  • If their life-source differs from ours, i.e. they draw their life from decayed culture, there could be a way to disrupt that and cause a sort of Fair One plague. Perhaps convincing people to re-inhabit the cities, or maybe some ritual or something?

Fair Ones

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