Min Mara

Once an outpost of the Old Kingdom, Min Mara is located on the southwestern edge of Ritten’s Ward.


Min Mara is led by a council of fifteen elders. Currently, the two most influential members of the council are Othreir and Skathi. The balance of power between them shifted when Othreir convinced the council to welcome the Gartetian refugees in the Welcoming. In the period that followed, many of Skathi’s supporters moved to Min Lhasa to live in a “pure” elven community.

Although no humans are members of the council, some have been working to integrate themselves into the Min Maran political arena. One prominent human of this set is Valeran the Younger. Valeran has yet to petition the council for human membership, but many say that is his goal.

The dwarves of Base Town, unlike the humans, have been content to care for themselves and maintain friendly relations with the council rather than integrate with it.

Key Min Maran Places and People

  • Town Center:
Composed of the original structures from the Old Kingdom, the Town Center is a large circular space between three trees. Each tree houses an important part of Min Maran life, magically “carved” into the interior:
  • The Council Hall:
Othreir, the wise engineer of the Welcoming Skathi, the most vocal skeptic of the Welcoming The Upper Temple: primarily devoted to Sehanine, Corellon, and Melora Gilrain, the aging priest of Sehanine
  • The City Watch: organizes not only guards within the city, but at three outposts
Durdall, the human leader of the watch. A gentle giant most of the time, but sometimes his temper flares. * Mirren’s: An evening gathering place near the Town Center Mirren Dappleshade: The quiet elven proprietor, she is quick to listen, but has been known to let secrets slip on occasion. * Joahar: The sage of Min Mara.

Base Town: Originally built by dwarven and dragonborn traders, Base Town also houses a number of humans. What commercial life exists in Min Mara exists in Base Town.

  • The Lower Temple: primarily devoted to Moradin, with a number of smaller altars to other gods.
  • Hamror Stoneshield, kindhearted priest of Moradin
  • The Weary Traveler: Hostel maintained by the Stoneshield family

Min Mara

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